Tim has a changing display of current pieces for sale at Michael Caine’s 5* hotel and Michelin starred restaurant

Lympstone Manor

Courtlands Ln, Exmouth EX8 3NZ


Linear : Non Linear


Please go to the Contemporary Ceramics website to view the full collection, check availability and purchase pieces.

Tall Lidded Form TA44Y113

Tall Bottle TA44Y114

Round Sickle Vessel TA44Y101

Tall Lidded Form TA44Y93

Tall Lidded Vessel TA44Y79

Square Form TA44Y107

Tall Bottle TA44Y100

Tall Curling Vessel TA44Y78

Round Humbug TA44Y109

Tall Bottle TA44Y102

Tall Humbug TA44Y87

Oval Bottle TA44Y98

Tall Bottle TA44Y99

Tall Black Bottle TA44Y83

Tall Lidded Form TA44Y92

Three Sided Bottle TA44Y103

Teardrop Form XL TA44Y119

Large Ovoid Form TA44Y120

Conical form TA44Y76

Angled Form TA44Y96

Curling Vessel TA44Y127

Large Round Form TA44Y105

Medium Curling Vessel TA44Y112

Diamond Bottle TA44Y88

‘Ma’Collection TA44Y139

Medium Bottle TA44Y91

SOLD Cylindrical Form TA44Y104

SOLD Narrow Bottle TA44Y106

SOLD Narrow Bottle TA44Y110

SOLD Pink Oval Bottle TA44Y108

SOLD Lidded Gourd Form TA44Y123

SOLD Ovoid Form TA44Y84

SOLD Conical Form TA44Y82

SOLD Round Form TA44Y89

SOLD Ovoid Form TA44Y85

SOLD Ovoid Form TA44Y95

SOLD Wide Curling Vessel TA44Y111

SOLD Curling Vessel TA44Y125

SOLD Medium Humbug TA44Y94

SOLD Lidded Gourd Form TA44Y124

SOLD Medium Humbug TA44Y90

SOLD Large Bottle TA44Y116

Photography: @nigeldutt

Woodbury Studio Gallery – Greenway, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon EX5 1LW

Tel: +44 (0) 1395 233475

Email: timandrews@eclipse.co.uk